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Re: More graphics questions

At 08:37 2000-06-05 +0200, Roman Maurer wrote:
>"Anthony E. Greene" wrote:
>> Some versions of IE4 cannot display a PNG image by itself.
>What versions or IE4?

I have 4.72 (SP2). I really don't think this is a problem since all the
images will be referred to in the SGML, and therefore will be shown as part
of the resulting HTML. None of the images will be displayed by a browser
outside of an HTML document (Is this a bad assumption?).

I understand your point about politics, but in this case it means the
author would be have to buy tools to produce GIF images. The Linux
platforms that most authors will be using will probably have a screenshot
and PNG tool installed (GIMP). MSIE4 will display PNG easily within an HTML
document such as those produced by the Docbook-to-HTML conversion done by
jade. I don't see a reason to require authors to buy GIF tools in this case.

The problem I see with PNG is installing and configuring the tools to do
the conversions into multiple formats.

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