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Re: More graphics questions

On Jun 2, 11:39am, Jorge Godoy wrote:
> Subject: Re: More graphics questions
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Mark Komarinski <markk@cgipc.com> writes:
> > Err...This depends on what you're using to make the PDF files.
> > Cygnus creates TeX, then PS, then PDF.  TeX doesn't like JPEG
> > all that much, so you have to use .eps (at least, this is what
> > most of an afternoon has taught me). Jade also uses TeX to create PS.
> I don't know how Cygnus work, I'm sorry. I was answering based on how
> Jade and OpenJade works. PDFJadeTeX works the way I described.
> > The LDP uses another tool (html2ps?) to generate the PDF, skipping
> > the TeX part altogether.
> Greg's using this because he said he can get better PDF files.

Depends on what you call better. I actually use htmldoc
(http://www.easysw.com/htmldoc/), taking the unsplit
(single) HTML file and producing PostScript and PDF in
the universal size format from it.

It is very reliable.

> Using PDFJadeTeX we can have the hyperlinks to work. Can we get that
> with Cygnus' tools?

The within-document links are available now (and work in the
resultant PDF).

> > If we don't want to support TeX, then I'll go ahead and document
> > the alternate PDF tool and advise authors to not use jade or
> > db2pdf to create PDF files.
> We want to support JadeTeX. :-)
> I don't know if we should say that to authors. "Use jade to get HTML
> but not PDF. For PDF use XYZ. For PS use ABC...". This is complicated
> and unecessary.

Agreed. htmldoc is a nice, reliable tool to use. I started down
the TeX route and found I needed tool package after tool package
that were not available. This lead me to try htmldoc.

I can try (again) to get the TeX stuff in place if people want
this capability. If so, I'd like someone to point me in the direction
of all the packages I will need. Source is a requirement for all
packages, as I will need to compile on our build machine.


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