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Re: DTD Versions

>>>>> "G" == Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc@cu-portland.edu> writes:

    G> Unless you want to use PNG graphics, that is.  They weren't
    G> supported in 3.1, for the GNOME docs we had to use a custom DTD
    G> so that we could include PNG screen shots.  Greg

Since docs carry the version number with them, there should be no harm
in accepting 4.0 --- our site should be set with both 3.1 and 4.0 as
I expect 4.0 will catch on rapidly (for PNG and other reasons) whereas
there are a lot of us currently committed to 3.1 projects and in no
hurry to upgrade.

(actually, I was hesitating doing the upgrade largely because the LDP
seemed committed to 3.1 --- I don't think my publisher really cares
one way or the other)

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