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What happened to <varname>?


In a simple section of markup, I have the following:

<para>The student status is determined by examining the status field in
the database feed, which is of type <varname>person_student</varname> for
all students.  Non-students appear as type
<varname>person_faculty</varname> or <varname>person_staff</varname> in
the feed.</para>

here's what I get from jade (I'm running the cygnus tools/set of .rpm's,
using jade 1.2.1):

  jade -t tex -d /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/cygnus-both.dsl#print -o `echo
  soap.sgml | sed 's/\.sgml//'`.tex  soap.sgml
  jade:chap01.sgml:255:35:E: element "VARNAME" undefined
  jade:chap01.sgml:257:18:E: element "VARNAME" undefined
  jade:chap01.sgml:258:18:E: element "VARNAME" undefined

what gives? This tag is clearly documented in the Walsh and Muellner text
as part of the 3.1 DTD. 


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