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Outputting DocBook to text?


Okay, I've got a really stupid question here... given a valid
DocBook file, how can you create a plain, old, vanilla text

I've used jade (well, actually the new "openjade") to create
output files that are in HTML, MIF, RTF and TeX. I've also
used the "db2html" and other commands to go to HTML, PDF and

But I seem to be missing something, here... how do you just
get a plain ASCII text file like the HOWTO files distributed
with most distributions?

I've tried using something like "-t text" or "-t ascii" or
"-t raw" as part of the openjade command line and it doesn't
seem to work.  I have the standard Norman Walsh docbook.dsl
files and they work fine for the formats I mentioned earlier.

Any help would be appreciated.


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