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RE: Outputting DocBook to text?

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> From: Dan York []
> Sent: Wednesday, July 05, 2000 6:45 AM
> To: ldp-docbook@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Outputting DocBook to text?
> ldp-docbook,
> Okay, I've got a really stupid question here... given a valid
> DocBook file, how can you create a plain, old, vanilla text
> file?
> I've used jade (well, actually the new "openjade") to create
> output files that are in HTML, MIF, RTF and TeX. I've also
> used the "db2html" and other commands to go to HTML, PDF and
> PostScript.
> But I seem to be missing something, here... how do you just
> get a plain ASCII text file like the HOWTO files distributed
> with most distributions?

Uhm, that would be a "feature", I think.  :-)  Right now, I think we're
still using lynx -dump single-file-html-HOWTO.sgml, although there is
another program called HTML2Text that might be better.  If you need a copy
of html2text (or html2txt, according to SuSE), grab a src.rpm from
rpmfind.net, and extract it from there.  HTH,

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