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Re: Outputting DocBook to text?

Jorge & Grego,

Thanks for both of your prompt answers... I'm glad to know I wasn't 
missing something completely obvious.  This seems to be a very logical
type of thing people would want and it surprises me that it's not
in openjade or jade.  I'll query those folks over there and see if
there are any plans for it in the future.

Thanks... and in the meantime I'll use the method suggested here.


> Dan York <dyork@linuxcare.com> writes:
> > ldp-docbook,
> >
> > Okay, I've got a really stupid question here... given a valid
> > DocBook file, how can you create a plain, old, vanilla text
> > file?
> Usually you generate a HTML with no chunks (-V nochunks) and then you
> use lynx -dump to get the text.
> That's the way I do it here...

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