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table quirk, and ascii output suggestion

I've just converted my HOWTO into DocBook, and am having a bit of
trouble getting satisfactory table output.  There are two problems;
possibly both are due to my table's structure:

 <title>Linux Printer Support</title> 
 <tgroup cols=5>


This appears to be fine in HTML, at least as far as w3m is concerned,
but isn't quite right in Postscript/PDF: all items but the first are
placed wrong, such that the leading bullets are in the previous
column.  The same sort of thing happens when I use a SimpleList
instead.  A similar problem appears in varlists and a few other places
where paragraphs interact with TeX's assorted list structures.

Now that I look, enumerated lists are even worse; HOWTO-HOWTO.pdf, for
example, shows these as

    Text for one

    Text for two

I've placed a one-page sample of what I'm seeing in my table (from
simplelist and member) at http://www.picante.com/phtsam.ps

Also, there was a little thread about how we're using lynx for ascii
output from docbook.  Please use w3m instead; it does a much better
job than lynx, especially if I ever get this table to work right! ;)

Grant Taylor - gtaylor@picante<dot>com - http://www.picante.com/~gtaylor/
  Linux Printing Website and HOWTO:  http://www.linuxprinting.org/
  I do consulting in most things Unix/Linux/*BSD/Perl/C/C++

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