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Re: table quirk, and ascii output suggestion

On Jul 7, 10:44am, Greg Ferguson wrote:
> Subject: Re: table quirk, and ascii output suggestion
> ...
> > I've placed a one-page sample of what I'm seeing in my table (from
> > simplelist and member) at http://www.picante.com/phtsam.ps
> >
> > Also, there was a little thread about how we're using lynx for ascii
> > output from docbook.  Please use w3m instead; it does a much better
> > job than lynx, especially if I ever get this table to work right! ;)
> We can do that. w3m.org...I'll give it a shot.

Tonight I compiled and installed both w3m and html2text as part
of our production environment. I ran each of them (as well as
lynx) againt the HOWTO-INDEX to produce ASCII output from
the same HTML file.

The results can be viewed at - http://metalab.unc.edu/gferg/txt/


Personally, I still like the lynx output best, although w3m
does better with line spacing. Note that the HOWTO-INDEX does
not contain any tables.

lmk what works best for everyone.

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