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Re: table quirk, and ascii output suggestion

>>>>> Pal Domokos <pal.domokos@usa.net> writes:

> Grant Taylor <gtaylor@picante.com> wrote:
>> I've just converted my HOWTO into DocBook, and am having a bit of
>> trouble getting satisfactory table output.

> [...]  To the appearance-of-lists-in-PS/PDF-output problem with
> HTMLDOC: I sent a mail to EasySoft about this problem a couple of
> weeks ago. I've got no answer yet.

So I'm confusing people, I think; my problem is with Norm Walsh-driven
DSSSL/jadetex output.  HTMLDOC output is dreadful on a number of
fronts*, so I'm trying to make real print output work nicely.  I've
been reasonably successful; pdfjadetex-generated docbook output has
basic navigation features and is properly typeset, to boot.

Anyway, I've fiddled with all the suitable indent settings in the
print stylesheet, but there appears to be no parameter controlling the
peculiar indentations I'm suffering from in

* For example, what happens when I do a diagram?  HTMLDOC will be
  working from a gif and not from an eps file; the printed results
  would be awful.

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