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TOCs in articles?


Okay, now I'm confused.  I'm using the template that Stein provided
and working on a HOWTO. I have no problem coding the DocBook... I've
been using SGML and HTML since the early 1990s. My challenge is this -
how do I get the nice table of contents to be at the beginning?

When I used <book>... </book> as the overrall element, I simply put 
a <toc></toc> at the point where I wanted the TOC and it was very nicely

However, the template - and another HOWTO I submitted changes for (NIS) -
both use <article>... </article> as the overall element. There appears
to be no way to generate a TOC for this type of document.  Is that 

Am I missing something?  Or is it the style of all new HOWTOs to *NOT*
have a TOC at the beginning?

Thanks in advance.

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