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Re: TOCs in articles?

On Jul 17,  7:59am, Dan York wrote:
> Subject: TOCs in articles?
> Folks,
> Okay, now I'm confused.  I'm using the template that Stein provided
> and working on a HOWTO. I have no problem coding the DocBook... I've
> been using SGML and HTML since the early 1990s. My challenge is this -
> how do I get the nice table of contents to be at the beginning?
> When I used <book>... </book> as the overrall element, I simply put
> a <toc></toc> at the point where I wanted the TOC and it was very nicely
> generated.
> However, the template - and another HOWTO I submitted changes for (NIS)
> both use <article>... </article> as the overall element. There appears
> to be no way to generate a TOC for this type of document.  Is that
> correct?
> Am I missing something?  Or is it the style of all new HOWTOs to *NOT*
> have a TOC at the beginning?

You need to either :

1) create your howto using the ldp.dsl DSSSL stylesheet
2) create your own.

Why?...because this is the variable that causes the toc to be generated:

    (define %generate-part-toc%

By default, it is set to "#f" (FALSE) for those instances that
have a top-level container element of <article>, but it's "#t"
(TRUE) for <book>.

Hence, you're seeing the default behavior of the DocBook DSSSL
stylesheets. You need to override that processing instruction.


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