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Re: Dan apologizes, and then rants... (Was Re: TOCs in articles?)

Dan York wrote:
> [...]
> Apologies for bothering you all with the question when I had not gone back
> to the manual first. (RTFM)

Another author helped by the H-H!  Woo!

> <rant>
> In working with DocBook, both for some LDP stuff as well as for some things
> within Linuxcare, I have found working with jade and stylesheets to be the
> most painful part of it all. Creating DocBook files is, to me, trivial and
> easy.  It's what to do with them afterward that is the headache.
> Take the example here with "ldp.dsl". The instructions say to use jade (or in
> my case openjade) with the following options:
>   jade -t sgml -ihtml -d /usr/lib/sgml/stylesheets/ldp.dsl\#html
> ../HOWTO-HOWTO.sgml
> In all the other tutorials and information I have had with jade, I have not
> seen the "-ihtml" option used anywhere. Likewise, I have never seen the
> construction
> "\#html" at the end of a "*.dsl" file. Maybe I missed something in reading the
> info,
> but these were not options I would have tried without having read the
> Maybe this is just something particular to ldp.dsl. But it's not easy for
> someone
> new to all of this.

The -i html means that you're generating SGML in HTML format
The \#html means to pay attention to the HTML section of the ldp.dsl file.
I'm not sure why (open)jade doesn't pull this from the -i, but I didn't
write it.

> For that matter, it still seems bizarre to me that I must use "-t sgml" to
> generate
> an HTML file, whereas "-t rtf" or "-t mif" produces those other file formats.
> And I
> find it extremely weird that there is not "-t text" and that you have to do a
> dump
> with lynx (or another text browser).

I think that's something that will have to be taken up with the openjade


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