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Re: Dan apologizes, and then rants... (Was Re: TOCs in articles?)

,-- On Mon, 17 Jul, Mark Komarinski wrote:


| <headache>
| The -i html means that you're generating SGML in HTML format
| </headache>

Not really: it has the same effect as including at the very beginning
of the DTD the following declaration:
<!ENTITY % html "INCLUDE">
Elsewhere in the style sheet there will be something like
<!ENTITY % html "IGNORE">
declarations specific for HTML output
and the declarations will be read when %html; is set to INCLUDE, either
in the DTD or in the command line options.

| The \#html means to pay attention to the HTML section of the ldp.dsl file.

This is correct. 

| I'm not sure why (open)jade doesn't pull this from the -i, but I didn't
| write it.

The two things are different and totally independent mechanisms, which
can be used together.  Personally, I prefer not to use it for
e.g. HTML, because of the potential confusion, but the -i mechanism is
certainly useful to encode orthogonal functionality (e.g. how URLs are
rendered, localisation, documents with large fonts, documents for a
specific audience, etc.)

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