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Hi! (And some questions, of course)

Hi, everyone-
        I'm using a reasonably up-to-date* unstable installation of the
various DocBook tools, and they are disagreeing with me pretty badly. In
particular, I am trying to convert a HOWTO (which I wrote in Linuxdoc and
converted to DocBook with ld2db) to HTML and PS using the "new" sgmltools.
        First question: Am I wasting my time? Are these packages known to
be broken or too badly out of date? I note that sgmltools is now on
version 3- should I just be deleting my .debs and starting fresh from
tarballs from the various canonical sites?
        Second question: If #1 isn't true, how can I convert the document
from SGML to an LDP formatted HTML HOWTO? Here's what I've done so far: I
managed to succeed in using the tools to convert everything into HTML
once, but it lacked formatting- no numbering of sections was the main
problem but other small ones too. Basically, just an ugly document. So
(following the suggestions in the LDP Author Guide) I attempted to create
a new SGML_CATALOG_FILES environment variable. Not only did it not help,
it made things worse: now, when I try to parse to HTML, I get ugly error
messages about failures to resolve pubid. 
        So: any suggestions on what I should do? I really appreciate the
        Luis Villa
*version numbers:
sgmltools-2: 2.0.2-4
jade: 1.2.1-17
docbook: 3.1-2
docbook-stylesheets: 1.54-1


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