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thanks, and another couple of questions :)

Thanks for the very prompt response to my first question. I have two more,
which should be the last (I hope.)

1) What is the command to auto-indent a document in psgml in emacs? The
ld2db output is not exactly pretty, and this document is about 5,000
lines, so going line by line hitting tab is not really an option :)

2) I'm using the debian version of all the sgml tools right now. Using
their version of sgmltools-2, the HTML that is outputted is pretty ugly-
it doesn't have the standard LDP formatting. Is there any way (short of
building all the tools from scratch) to get the "standard" LDP formatting
with the current set of Debian tools? Ditto for the standard formatting in
postscript. (I've already asked the debian version of this list for help,
so if no one here knows, don't worry about it.)

Anyway, thanks for the help-

P.S. Again, not subscribed to the list: please cc: me to answers. Thanks!


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