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Yet another question

So, I found the section on ldp.dsl in the HOWTO. This isn't the format I'm
used to (or prefer) but it is getting closer. I have a couple of questions
about it:

1) Is there any way to force section 1 to be on a separate page from the
table of contents? That combination makes the first page huge for me.

2) What is the canonical way to include your email in the information at
the top of the index page? I've tried a few variations on <AuthorBlurb>
and <Affiliation> with no success. Since that is what several LDP authors
use (at least in the versions available on the web site), it looks like
the LDP does not yet use DocBook to actually generate their documents (at
least, they don't use DocBook in any way that I've made sense of.) So- any
better suggestions?

3) Why is <Rant> not a DocBook tag? Seriously... I had always assumed
(when I heard that the LDP was switching from LinuxDoc to DocBook) that
that went that DocBook had a well developed set of tools to work with,
just like LinuxDoc. These kinds of tools are what give CLIs a bad name- I
don't see the advantage to switching to them if no one can get anything
done with them. Of all things, writing docs should be straightforward and
not require technical wizardry. Jeez. </Rant>

Anyway, thanks again for your time- please cc: me to answers. I looked
into signing up, but the idea of getting 4 cron job messages every hour is



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