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RE: thanks, and another couple of questions :)

On Mon, 24 Jul 2000, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Whoops, I guess maybe I didn't need to reply to that one...  Oh well.  :-)

> > 1) What is the command to auto-indent a document in psgml in 
> > emacs? The
> > ld2db output is not exactly pretty, and this document is about 5,000
> > lines, so going line by line hitting tab is not really an option :)
> Hmm, yuck.  There seems to be a program called 'sgmlnorm' distributed with
> my copy of Jade, you might see if that does anything.  If not, the other
> program (which may require some trickery to make work) is called "tidy".
> It's by somebody at the w3c and was designed for HTML, but works on other
> documents almost as well.

A friend suggested using emacs apropos... I found something that sort of
worked :) Select all the text, and then do M-x indent-region. Takes a
while, but basically works like a charm. I suppose you can file that away
for the next time someone doesn't RTFM first. 

P.S. sgmlnorm does uppercase all tags- is that better form? I seem to
recall something from HOWTO-squared to this effect, but I'm not sure.


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