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Re: Yet another question

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Cees de Groot wrote:
> liv@duke.edu said:
> > 3) Why is <Rant> not a DocBook tag? Seriously... I had always assumed
> > (when I heard that the LDP was switching from LinuxDoc to DocBook)
> > that that went that DocBook had a well developed set of tools to work
> > with, just like LinuxDoc.
> We've tried at the SGMLtools project, but there was lack of interest to help 
> out making it better. In the meantime, apparently the net.gods at the LDP 
> decided to help further yet another toolkit around DocBook (I presume these 
> are based on Mark Galassi's scripts). Splitting up prematurely doesn't seem to 
> be an optimal way to get good tools, or to get stylesheet modifications 
> widespread....
> [history: when we wanted to convert from Linuxdoc to DocBook with SGMLtools, I 
> spent a lot of time looking for existing stuff. Mark's scripts already 
> existed, but - at least at that time - they were a bunch of quick hacks to get 
> things going. So we designed a clean Python shell from scratch and repeatedly 
> invited everyone to join in, tried to persuade the LDP to switch to DocBook, 
> but I cannot remember ever getting much response. I'm not fingerpointing, 
> people were probably all too busy, but it surely has been a heck of a missed 
> change]

That's unfortunate. The old sgmltools were excellent, and the new ones
(while not perfect) are a damn sight better than jade and such. Good
luck... maybe once I finish my thesis I'll be able to help out.


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