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Re: Yet another question

On Tue, 25 Jul 2000, Cees de Groot wrote:
> GLeblanc@cu-portland.edu said:
> >  Since Mark's scripts can't co-exist with the ones that Dave made for
> > the GDP, I've been thinking about SGMLTools lite.  
> I'd appreciate it if people could test the current stuff (www.sgmltools.org or 
> sgmltools-lite.sourceforge.net, follow the link to the sourceforge dev page 
> and grab the latest RPM and/or CVS version). Vicuous circle: no testing, no 
> production release :-).

I'd like to test it. One caveat: As far as I know, Debian seriously munges
file locations and such for SGML. So, I'm a little worried that the tools
will be unable to find stylesheets and such on my system. Any idea if this
is the case? Or should /everything/ be specifiable at compile time?
> The scripts should be fine, if there are any problems I expect them in the 
> installation procedure. Feedback is welcome (here, on the SGMLtools list, or 
> on the Sourceforge Web-based forum).

Sourceforge is great, isn't it? Actually, I just filed a bug today dealing
with SGML: their new Doc Manager tool fails miserably when fed SGML.
Don't know if anyone here cares, but you should be able to follow the bug


> OBTW: Where can I grab the LDP stylesheet? I'm all for making it the default 
> in SGMLtools...


Warning, though- it's not yet up to spec (at least in my opinion). Still
impossible (AFAICT) to get an author's email to display in the traditional
location, for example. Also, the problem w. <Book> v. <Article> in
handling the first page for HTML.



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