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Re: Yet another question

liv@duke.edu said:
> I'd like to test it. One caveat: As far as I know, Debian seriously
> munges file locations and such for SGML.

Good. If everyone tests under SuSE 6.4, we wouldn't discover anything new :-)

liv@duke.edu said:
> So, I'm a little worried that the tools will be unable to find
> stylesheets and such on my system. Any idea if this is the case? Or
> should /everything/ be specifiable at compile time?

There's a LSB spec in the works for SGML file locations. However, in the 
meantime, SGML_CATALOG_FILES can be used to point to file locations, and 
SGMLtools expects this. If this environment variable is setup and points to 
the various DocBook DTD, DocBook DSSSL and SGMLtools catalogs, it'll work OK.

I'm sorry to say that a couple of weeks vacation erased all memory pertaining 
to either the LSB spec or what happens with the new SGMltools-Lite 
installation (yeah, it was a good vacation ;-)), I'm about to CVS update and 
find out myself...

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