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Re: Yet another question

On Jul 25,  6:54pm, Jorge Godoy wrote:
> Subject: Re: Yet another question
> [ plain text
>   Encoded with "quoted-printable" ] :
>>>>> "Gregory" == Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc@cu-portland.edu> writes:
>     >> 1) Is there any way to force section 1 to be on a separate page
>     >> from the table of contents? That combination makes the first
>     >> page huge for me.
>     Gregory> Yes, there is.  Unfortunately, I don't know what it is,
>     Gregory> and I hate the look of DSSSL so I haven't dug into it
>     Gregory> very much.  Perhaps Jorge Godoy or Greg Ferguson can tell
>     Gregory> you how to do that.  I'd prefer it to be that way as well
>     Gregory> as it makes for a nicer document.
> Ok...
> So, Greg, could you please add this to our stylesheet:
> (define (chunk-skip-first-element-list)
>   '())
> I've had seen the "recipe" several times on DocBook lists but I
> couldn't find. This is the answer I got for my question sent after
> reading this post.
> Sorry for the delay on answering all of you.

Excellent. Worked like a champ:


As (DocBook) updates come in, they will now be processed with this

The updated ldp.dsl has been copied to all the usual places,
including checked into the CVS tree (and placed in the
authors area - http://www.linuxdoc.org/authors/tools/ldp.dsl).

Much thanks Jorge!


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