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Re: Yet another question

On 25 Jul 2000, Jorge Godoy wrote:
>     >> 2) What is the canonical way to include your email in the
>     >> information at the top of the index page? I've tried a few
>     >> variations on <AuthorBlurb> and <Affiliation> with no
>     >> success. Since that is what several LDP authors use (at least
>     >> in the versions available on the web site), it looks like the
>     >> LDP does not yet use DocBook to actually generate their
>     >> documents (at least, they don't use DocBook in any way that
>     >> I've made sense of.) So- any better suggestions?
> I use:
> <author>
>   <firstname>Jorge</firstname>
>   <surname>Godoy</surname>
>   <affiliation>
>     <orgname>Conectiva Inc.</orgname>
>     <orgdiv>Publishing Department</orgdiv>
>     <address><email>info@conectiva.com</email></address>
>   </affiliation>
> </author>

Ah-ha! I had used the same recipe, except affiliation was outside author.
That would explain the problem (I guess.)

Thanks so much for all the feedback-


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