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Re: Using character entities

Jorge Godoy <godoy@conectiva.com> wrote:
> >>>>> "dcmerrill" == dcmerrill   writes:
    dcmerrill> The International Keyboard HOWTO has _lots_ of
    dcmerrill> international characters, as you might imagine. Right
    dcmerrill> now, they are all embedded directly in the ASCII
    dcmerrill> text. Does this present any problems for publication?
    dcmerrill> Do I need to convert them all to official DocBook
    dcmerrill> entity references?

> Hmmm... Are they valid iso-8859-1 characters? If so, you don't need > to
> convert them. If they aren't, to ensure that they appear correctly,
> you should convert them. 

> If you use Emacs, I think it can make this conversion automatically
> for you based on a map.

Yes, they are all ISO characters, (e.g., &euml; and &agrave;) and they run through db2html just fine. I was only worried about other tools down the road. I may go ahead and convert them anyway, just to be sure.

I am just learning emacs. I mean _just_ learning, as in Chapter 2 of /Learning GNU Emacs/ from O'Reilly. :) No idea how to do anything sophisticated yet. Cut-and-paste is still cumbersome for me. But the LAG says psgml is one of the most flexible tools for DB. So, I'm learning.

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