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Re: screen not formatting properly in text output.

Dan York wrote:
> Greg,
> > It looks very marginally better.  The problem is that Lynx is, uhm, screwed
> > in the head when it comes to tables, and the conversion of screen to HTML
> > uses tables.  ARGH!  Guess I'll go get w3m and see what that can do. 
> I will be interested to learn the results of your investigations.

I don't know what stylesheet you're using, because the HTML output of
<screen> using Jade DSSSL stylesheets is <pre> within <table> ... I
guess that the table tags are used only to set margins.

> > Oh,
> > BTW, CDATA doesn't replace character entities, like &lt;.  :-)

But CDATA is not a DTD "script" for output. :-) It's input for a
parser.  And the DTD decides what the character encoding should be
used.  And then the style sheets will determine what the output will
look like, using charset encoding information. :-)

Robert Kiesling
Linux FAQ Maintainer 

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