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Re: screen not formatting properly in text output.

Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> Yeah, but that pisses off Lynx royally.  Lynx does NOT render tables
> properly, ever as far as I can tell.  
> I just installed w3m, and dumped from that.  It does a better job on the
> tables, but not quite as good on the URLs.  It doesn't appear to be smart
> enough to not wrap URLs onto multiple lines when dumping.  Later,

Nope, that's right, lynx's rendering of tables *is* piss-poor.  But so
what?  You could preformat all that in <pre> tags.  At least I can do
it.  All I noticed is that the marginalization gets ignored, because
<screen> tags transform almost directly into <pre> tags.  Maybe the
HTML that your parser generates is too complex.  It is a function
of the stylesheet, so maybe it is doable by lynx with a simplified
stylesheet, if you think it could handle it.

Robert Kiesling
Linux FAQ Maintainer 

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