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RE: Looking for SGML help

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> Sent: Tuesday, August 01, 2000 7:24 PM
> To: ldp-docbook@lists.linuxdoc.org
> Subject: Looking for SGML help
> Hi,
> I originally sent this to ldp-discuss but got no response.  
> Is this list
> active?  Anybody out there?

Yeah, we're here, just busy, or don't know how to help.  :-/

>  I am in the process of updating my howto and have a couple 
> of questions:
> jade parses my sgml into only three html files.  How can I
> force it to parse into smaller chunks? (the command I am 
> using is jade -t
> sgml -i html -d /usr/local/SGML/ldp.dsl\#html 
> ../MultiOS-HOWTO-0.5.sgml) 

Jade breaks things based on <sect1> groupings, I think.  Do you have a
location where you could put what you have, so that we could take a peek,
and see how you've broken things down?  I suspect that is how it could be
fixed, but I've generally been happy with what jade has done for me.

> Is there a way to write the sgml so that when you create a 
> pdf, html, or
> postscript output they will each point to other referenced 
> HOWTO documents of
> the same format?

Theoretically, I think there is.  However, I read Norm's paper on how to do
that, and the ENTIRE thing went over my head the first 3 times that I read
it.  Some of it makes a little sense now, but I've got no idea how to
implement it.  I don't think that I have the time, or the skills, to get
something like that working. 

> I have a table in the howto (see section 3.2), each cell 
> (well actually only
> one cell now) of which is/will be a link to additional 
> information.  I have not
> found a way to keep that additional information from showing 
> up as a section
> of the document. Is there a way to write the sgml so that the 
> only way to get
> to it is through the table reference?

I don't think there is, using the current processing.  If we were to work
some magic, it might be possible, but it WOULD break the text only format of
you document.  HTML and PDF would work, but I'm doubtful about anything
else.  Do you really want to restrict your HOWTO to these two formats?

> The update so far is available at 
http://www.smart.net/~rwschul/HOWTO/HTML and

Oops, nevermind, there it is.  :-)  I'll try to take a look at it tomorrow,
but right now it's hard to follow the markup because everything starts at
column 1.  Just to make it easier to understand the SGML, I indent things a
bit.  Later,

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