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Distribution HOWTO about to bite the dust.

In the last two weeks I have converted almost all the HOWTOs I
maintain from SGML-Tools to DocBook 4.1, pursuant to the consensus at
the Documentation Summit held in conjunction with the recent O'Reilly 
Open Source conference.

I have converted and updated the following:


I finished and submitted the Reading-List-HOWTO earlier today.

The only HOWTO I'm responsible for that I haven't converted yet is the
Distribution HOWTO.

After considering the matter for some time, I have come to believe
that the Distribution HOWTO is obsolete.  Today, I think the function
it serves would be better filled by a pointer from the META-FAQ and
Installation FAQ to websites which track distributions on a regular
basis (notably the LWN distributions list and the ports page.).

Accordingly, I request the following actions:

1) That the Distribution HOWTO be dropped from the list of active

2) That the META-FAQ be updated to point to LWN's distribution page
   and the ports page).

Of course, if anyone disagrees and wants to continue maintaining the
Distribution HOWTO, that person is welcome to do so.

I'm now one HOWTO short :-).  I see that the META-FAQ hasn't been updated 
three years.  Mike, shall I pick it up?
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