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Re: Distribution HOWTO about to bite the dust. (fwd)

On Aug 23,  7:50am, serena fenton wrote:
> Subject: Re: Distribution HOWTO about to bite the dust. (fwd)
> I'd be delighted to take over maintaining the distribution HOWTO.
> I've just started updating the metalab distribution directory, with a
> bit of a blurb about each one.  This in turn has lead to some interest
> in the various distributions and the directions that they're taking.
> So, maintaining the distribution HOWTO seems like it would be following
> that interest right along.
> Let me know where we can go from here.

You might want to get a few details/direction from Eric.

The lastest source (in linuxdoc SGML) can be found here:


If you have any questions about the procedure/tools/etc., let me know
and/or examine the LDP Author Guide :



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