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Re: linuxdoc / docbook question

> I've written a HOWTO about setting up a software based CD Server
> under Linux.  I originally wrote it in word, then grabbed the first
> template from the LDP Author Guide and copied/pasted everything
> into the template (in vim).  The template I used was the "linuxdoc"
> template.  The problem is that when I tried using jade to render
> to HTML, there were tons of errors, unsupported tags, etc.  Apparently
> the template I grabbed was the wrong one, and I should have grabbed
> the "docbook" template ????

Yes, that is true. There are no DSSSL stylesheets available for
transforming a linuxdoc SGML instance into it's various output
formats using the jade engine (at least nothing I know of).

If you wish to keep the document in the old linuxdoc DTD, then
there is a different toolset you can use to process the content:

  Sano Taketoshi <sano@debian.org>

> I really have spent a lot of time writing this howto, and will
> transcribe it all to the other template if I must.  Would it
> be easier to render the different formats if I use the "docbook"
> template??

Well, the tools I have pointed out are pretty easy to use.
There are some limitations in using the linuxdoc DTD over
DocBook - lack of table support, lack of graphics/images -
are two that come immediately to mind. The LDP supports both
the linuxdoc and DocBook DTDs although we *recommend* (but
don't force!) using DocBook for any HOWTOs under development.

If you go to DocBook, then yes, you should be able to use
jade, DSSSL, etc. (the tools you currently have installed).

There is a linxudoc to DocBook translation filter that
utilizes the jade engine; although I recommend that you
look over (and possibly edit) the filtered output if you
use it:

  from Reuben Thomas' pages:
  DocBook hints / Converting LinuxDoc to DocBook


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