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Re: Looking for some DocBook editors/contractors to help with conversion

Dear Sir,

I would be interested in helping with this task.  I maintain the
Linux FAQ in DocBook SGML, and so am familiar with the markup.
(It's on-line at http://www.mainmatter.com/linux-faq.sgml.)
I also am familiar with CVS and with many of the SGML validating
parsers.  And, of course, I have extensive experience with 
GNU software and all major distributions of Linux.

I live in Southeast Michigan, btw, but am willing to travel 
if necessary.


Robert Kiesling

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> Folks,
> Sorry I've been missing in action from these lists for about the past
> month or so... I'll explain why in another message at some point.
> One of the issues that has consumed my time is that for some personal
> reasons (relating to being tired of working as a remote home office),
> I'm leaving Linuxcare and moving on... but that's another story...
> Right now, I hope I'm not intruding too much on the normal flow of
> this list when I put in a bit of a commercial request... here at 
> Linuxcare we're looking for some people to do some contract work to
> help with a conversion to DocBook.
> At Linuxcare we have begun the process of converting our courseware from
> FrameMaker over into DocBook.  Essentially, we have hacked Frame's
> "Export to XML" feature so that it generates a quasi-DocBook flavor of
> XML.  Once this is generated, someone who knows DocBook must go in and
> move around tags, put the correct table tags in, set up sections and
> do a bunch of other manual tweaks to make the thing be a valid DocBook
> document.
> We are looking to contract with someone (or multiple people) to finish
> this conversion up quickly.  All the exported docs are stored in a 
> CVS server that can be reached externally. We need some folks that 
> can massage the files until they can be validated by onsgmls.
> Ideally, the person(s) would be in the San Francisco area so that 
> a face-to-face meeting could be had to explain the project, but the
> people can actually be located anywhere.
> If you are interested in some contract work like this, please contact
> me *directly* with your availability and background.
> Thank you,
> Dan
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Robert Kiesling
Linux FAQ Maintainer 

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