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Jade/docbook.cat installation failure

I have made two separate attempts to install jade-1.2.1 with an inability to
convert the downloaded test.sgm file.  I am running on Redhat 6.2.
The procedure I used was to do the following:
1.  Download jade-1_2_1_tar.gz and put on /usr/local/sgml
2.  Download the Norman Walsh db157.zip file on a windows platform, unzip the
file using winzip and then copy the docbook folder to Linux at
3.  Download the dockbk41.zip file on a windows platform, unzip the file using
winzip and copy the unzipped files to Linux at /usr/local/sgml/dtd/.
4.  Add the SGML_CATALOG_FILES variable to the Linux environment with the
4.  Install jade from the /usr/local/sgml folder with the commands:
make all
5.  Copy the downloaded test files "jtest.sgm" and "jtest.dsl" to
6.  Run the test with the command "jade-1.2.1/jade/jade -t rtf -d jtest.dsl
The results I get are three copies of the following line:
jade:/usr/local/sgml/dtd/docbook.cat:22:0:W: DTDDECL catalog entries are not

However, the jtest.rtf file appears to be created.

But when I run the following command line on the test file I created with the
command "jade-1.2.1/jade/jade -t sgml -i html -d
/usr/local/sgml/dsssl/docbook/html/docbook.dsl Linuxusersg.sgml", I get a pile
of errors such as:
jade:Linuxusersg.sgml:22:13:E: element "TITLE" undefined
jade:Linuxusersg.sgml:23:5:E element "PARA" undefined
jade:Linuxusersg.sgml:29:12:E element "ORDEREDLIST" undefined
also I get piles of the above "DTDDECL catalog entries are not supported" error
message intermixed.

The Linuxusersg.sgml file was created using epicEdit version .91called "sgedit"
in Mark Komarinski's "LDP Author Guide"

Does any one know what I am doing wrong or what I need to do to get this to

Thanks for your help.

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