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Re: XML?

>>>>> "G" == Gregory Leblanc <GLeblanc@cu-portland.edu> writes:

    >> -----Original Message----- From: Gary Lawrence Murphy
    >> ... and I'd be extremely grateful if you could just
    >> outline the entire process and tool set you use to process
    >> these files into print editions.

    G> I'm assuming you're asking this of the LDP, and not someone
    G> else, so I'll try to answer as best I can.  

My post was in response to a post on DocBook XML, and that is the 
process where I needed an outline; I can do the Jade thing in my sleep
now, but need to make the jump into the XML way of doing things.

Actually, as it turns out, I won't need it: MCP has backed down on
using DocBook for the publishing process.  Authors can write in
DocBook and typesetting is all gung-ho for XML, but the files will
continue to be munged into MsWord because editorial review had a bird
over learning the DocBook tools.  

In my experience, which I vow never to repeat, this conversion process
ruins all semantic structure of a document.  The result is akin to
transforming a graphic image into ASCII and then expecting someone who
does not know the content to transform it back into a full-color
image; the process is so horribly lossy that it is virtually
impossible to create proper and correct technical documents.  Do I
sound disappointed?

If anyone knows of a publisher who _will_ use DocBook end to end,
please let me know ;)

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