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Re: sgml aequivalent of html <br>

>>>>> On Wed, 25 Oct 2000 21:11:10 +0200, Kai Blin <k.blin@gmx.net> said:

    KB>       <para>
    KB>         <literallayout>
    KB>         In your .muttrc add the following:
    KB>         set certificate_file =  ~/.mutt_certificate
    KB>         Also, you'll have to change you mailbox names.
    KB>         So, given the previous example, change it from
    KB>           {imap.example.com}inbox
    KB>         to
    KB>         <emphasis>  {imap.example.com/ssl}inbox</emphasis>
    KB>         Repeat this for all
    KB>         your mailboxes.
    KB>         Thats it.
    KB>         </literallayout>
    KB>       </para>

    KB> I'd prefer to use linebreaks only, since I only need to specify some of them
    KB> in the above lines. Having a literal layout like this, it look fine as html
    KB> with lynx or so, but with X it looks quite silly.

I'd rather you to use:

<para>In your .muttrc add the following:</para>

set certificate_file = ~/.mutt_certificate

<para>Also, you'll have to change your(TYPO HERE!) mailbox
<para>So, given the previous example, change it from
<literal>{imap.example.com}inbox</literal> to
Repeat this for all your malboxes.</para>
<para>That's it.</para>

Be worried about describing context and not appearance. Let the
appearance be rendered by the stylesheets. That's what they're for. 

See you. 
Godoy. <godoy@conectiva.com>

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