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trying to use LDP with a Debian SGML installation

I'm trying, and failing, to set up the LDP stylesheets to work with a
stock Debian LDP installation. It would appear that: 

1) Debian's SGML install, while much better organized than anything else,
doesn't seem to be very easy to add non-Debianized stylesheets to.
2) for whatever reason, the "quick and dirty" instructions in the author's
guide conflict with Debian's pre-created catalog files, and so it is
impossible (as far as I can tell) to make those instructions work with
Debian, at least without removing the Debian Jade and re-installing that
as well.

The most frequent errors are ones relating to the inability of Jade to
find the correct stylesheets (docbook.dsl) when it is attempting to use
ldp.dsl. I've gone so far as to go into ldp.dsl and make references to
docbook.dsl absolute, but that approach (like several others I've tried)
results only in Jade dumping partially parsed text to the screen, and not
to well formed html or postscript files as requested. 

When I attempt to use the straight standard docboook stylesheets (both
with Jade and sgmltools-lite) they work just fine, albeit with deficient
html and postscript (no table of contents and random filenames, for

Does anyone have any ideas on how to make Debian + LDP go, in a
Debian-standards compliant way (hopefully?) 

I'm sorry that this qualifies as such a poor complaint, but I've had such
a huge variety of problems with such a wide range of attempted solutions
that I don't even know where to start to give details, so it seems like
maybe I'm better off asking if someone else has made it go in the "Debian

Thanks ahead of time for any useful feedback I get-

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