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Markup Assistance Needed

If you wish to provide markup assistance for the following documents, please follow these steps (unless otherwise noted, the existing document is in HTML and we are requesting a conversion to DocBook SGML).

  1. Contact the original author listed. Determine if a newer copy of the document is available, and if the author has a SGML version. If so, we request that you please submit the document to the LDP (or kindly request that the original author do so).

  2. Inform the which document you would like to work on, so that we can track who is working on what (and prevent duplication of effort).

  3. Submit the document to the LDP and/or to the original author.

document type original author work being
done by:
Man-Page HOWTO Jens Schweikhardt, Anthony E. Greene,
Netscape+Proxy HOWTO Sarma Seetamraju, Terrence Enger,
Linux+Windows-HOWTO HOWTO Jonathan Katz,
Dr. Robert J. Meier,
Eric Womack,

Greg Ferguson,
Last Modified: 2001-12-28