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Linux Development Projects

Applications, Tools and Utilities:

  • Linux-AFS FAQ.
  • Linux Applications and Utilities List.
  • Linux Applications, a database of Linux applications and tools.
  • The Linux Assistant Page with many Linux links.
  • Papers on AUIS, the Andrew User Interface System.
  • The BLINUX Documentation and Development Project, is developing software and documentation for blind users.
  • Bochs for Windows, an emulator that can run Linux, Windows 95 and more within Windows 95/NT.
  • Casbah, a scripting and web development environment.
  • [ell[hat, an HTML-based chat system.
  • Citadel/UX, a BBS/interactive community/groupware package.
  • Clearing Center Server (CCS), a new project to create an integrated system to manage EDI, file transmission, file conversion and external applications.
  • Open uClinux Documentation Project, view/submit articles that are related to uClinux.
  • CodeBase Database Development Tools, Fast database with free distribution for C/C++ & Java programmers. Small memory and disk footprint.
  • Communications Processor (CommProc), a general distributed-computing toolkit for quick assembly of distributed applications.
  • Crystal Space, a free and portable 3D engine written in C++.
  • Linux Databases & Tools page.
  • DOSEMU, a Linux DOS emulator.
  • EPIware, web-based project management and collaboration application.
  • ErrorSpot search engine, error search engine for Linux and Windows.
  • The Ethernet Phone Homepage, an application that allows real time point-to-point voice communication over the Internet.
  • Explore2fs, a Windows NT explorer for Linux ext2fs partitions.
  • FreeAmp, a digital audio player project.
  • FreeType, a free and portable TrueType font rendering engine.
  • freeVSD is a fully optimised, Open Source web hosting platform for Linux. Allows ISPs to create multiple virtual servers on a physical machine, each with it's own admin and set of applications (Apache, sendmail, etc.).
  • FreeWorld BBS, a GPLed BBS project.
  • Financial Software for Linux, both for personal finance as well as business accounting.
  • FIPS, a program for non-destructive partition splitting.
  • Chuck's Linux File Manager Page, description of a number of file managers for Linux and X11. There are reviews, screenshots, and links to managers' homepages.
  • Functionally-Overloaded Linux Kernel, As many kernel patches as can be crammed into one space (a single, easy-to-install patch).
  • General Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), a PhotoShop-like program for creating graphics.
  • Using GNU Libc 2, contains information about how to use glibc 2 with Linux.
  • Information on GRASS,the Geographic Resources Analysis Support System which runs under Linux.
  • Graphics Muse, and the Linux Graphics mini-HOWTO.
  • An overview of GUI toolkits.
  • GNU Administration Project (GAP), a project to build a new environment for distributed OS administration.
  • Linux Hamradio Applications and Utilities.
  • Linux HamSoft database.
  • ICQ for Linux, lists Linux ICQ software projects.
  • ImPress, a WYSIWYG desktop publishing and presentation package.
  • The Informix on Linux FAQ.
  • InxUtil, has Linux information on Informix tools, and an interview with Linus Torvalds.
  • jpub, provides a framework for just about anything you'd like to see done in a browser.
  • KBasic is a programming language which brings a complete BASIC to KDE. It will include an IDE with a form designer and a complete binding to KDE-like controls and other features.
  • The Kermit Communications Software project at Columbia University.
  • LessTif, a source compatible version of OSF/Motif.
  • linux-access information at University of Utah's Center for Disabled Student Services.
  • Linux2order, huge database of Linux software apps available for free download or have a custom CD ROM created.
  • Linux 3D, information about 3D graphics.
  •, offers a free MP3/DVD/CD/Streaming Audio and Video player.
  • Logical Volume Manager (LVM) for Linux, a subsystem for on-line disk storage management.
  • LyX, a WYSIWYG word processor and document processor.
  • Magic Software provides ecommerce, development tools, and call center solutions.
  • Main Street Credit Verification Engine - Linux credit card authorization software.
  • MercuryWare PForum, message board software for Linux.
  • Mesa, the free OpenGL work-alike library.
  • MI/X, a free X Server for Windows and Macintosh.
  • mnoGoSearch, full-featured free web open source search engine.
  • Network Audio, an alternative to RealAudio.
  • Information about using Newtons with Linux.
  • NuSphere MySQL, a fast, reliable RDBMS that supports RedHat Linux (free download).
  • phpGroupWare, webbased groupware application - including calendar, email, todo list, addressbook, trouble ticket system, file manager, new headlines, and more.
  • PHProjekt, another groupware application.
  • has lots of information about the Red Hat Package Manager (RPM or .rpm).
  • rpm2html, a tool to creat HTML from RPM meta-information.
  • Relational Databases list for Linux.
  • Pal's Linux RDBMS Library, A compilation of the best free online readings about relational databases on Linux.
  • An excellent list of Linux and UNIX Resources.
  • Unix Wizards, has some information about Linux and general Unix stuff.
  • SAS for Linux, a site exploring the feasibility of and promoting a port of the SAS system to Linux.
  • SGML-Tools, a SGML-based text-formatting system which can produce multiple output formats including: plain text, HTML, PostScript, and RTF.
  • sendmail Information, at Data Lege.
  • Sendmail Configuration for Offline Use mini-HOWTO.
  • sendpage, an alphanumeric paging tool.
  • The Linux Sound and Video page.
  • Linux MIDI & Sound Applications.
  • Linux Streams (LIS), a software package that comprises an implementation of SVR4 compatible STREAMS for Linux.
  • TkDesk, a desktop and file manager.
  • UMENU, a pure console menu interface to Linux commands which runs on any Linux-connected terminal, console, telnet session, or terminal emulator.
  • UNIX reference card in PDF or PostScript format.
  • The Van, a migration tool from Windows onto Linux; retain computer/server settings.
  • Virtual Network Computing. a remote display system for Win95/NT and Unix platforms. The software allows you to display a desktop remotely, for example, display an NT desktop onto Linux.
  • Web browsers for Linux, lists production and development web browsers.
  • WXftp, a GUI (GTK+ and Motif) FTP client for X Windows.
  • X: End of Story, contains lots of information about X Windows.
  • A great page about Window Managers that run under X Windows. Contains icons, resource setting and information on what different window managers there are available.
  • XF86Config Modelines Quick Conversion Guide tells you how to convert Win95 to XF86 timings.
  • XFree86 Font Deuglification, how to make the fonts in XF86 look better.


  • The Linux Game Tome, an excellent site about games that run under Linux.
  • Generic Internet Games Service (GIGS), a directory service for Internet games.
  • LDescent, a Linux Descent port.
  • LinuxGames: Even Penguins like to have fun, an index and advocacy site for games.
  • Online Game Developers Community, provide game developers with information (via news, forums, chatrooms, and additional resources).
  • Linux Quake and Utilities, all about Quake for Linux.
  • SMM, a Tcl/Tk-based MUD client.
  • Lou's Infocom/Linux Page, all about ways to run old Infocom games.
  • Linux Quake and Utilities, all about Quake for Linux.

Installation, Upgrading and Administration:

  • Simple Slackware installation instructions.
  • Here there Be Linux!, notes on getting Linux running on the BeBox.
  • Josh's Linux Guide, information on how to install (Red Hat), set up a dialup PPP connection to the Internet, configure the X-windowing system, and much more
  • A Linux pre-installation checklist.
  • Linux Links: Distributions lists many available Linux distributions.
  • The Red Hat Linux User's FAQ, a FAQ written by users, for users.
  • The Linux Internet Server Administration Guide (LISA), a new book project.
  • A primer for Linux, has some very basic information about getting started with Linux/Unix systems.
  • Linux Distributions Guide, a review of various Linux distributions from Rod Smith (the author of several Linux books).
  •, offers hundreds of different Linux distributions for £3.99 a CD.
  • LinuxISO, a central location for downloading ISO images of most of the major Linux distributions. Includes tips on burning ISO CDs; distribution and book reviews.


  • The Linux kernel source code has lots of useful documentation in /usr/src/linux/Documentation on your local machine.
  • Kernel configuration help texts.
  • Linux v2 Information Headquarters, with information on upgrading to Linux 2.0, including links to necessary program and utility upgrades, descriptions of changes between releases, kernel patch summaries, and links to other interesting Linux sites.
  • The Linux Source Navigator, navigate the Linux 2.0.0 i386 kernel source online!
  • Psyched Linux Kernels, tells you the latest kernel versions.
  • A Hypertext version of the Linux 2.0.28 kernel source.
  • The Linux Source Driver, an online version of the Linux source tree. You can also search the kernel sources using the Linux Source Search, or have a look at the Linux Source Index.
  • Linux Cross-Reference (LXR), offers a fully indexed, searchable and clickable HyperText presentation of the Linux source code.
  • Linux Mama, is dedicated to offer you all available "unofficial" patches for Linux.
  • Glossary of the Linux Kernel, has definitions for various terms used throughout the kernel source code.

Programming Languages:

  • Linux Programmer's BouncePoint, a page of links to programming-related material on the web.
  • Gwydion Dylan, an open-source implementation of the Dylan programming language.
  • Erik's page about Linux/Programming/A few other things.., has Linux information and tips.
  • Java-Linux information.
  • Java on Linux Developer FAQ.
  • FreeBuilder, a free visual programming environment based on Java technologies.
  • The Linux FORTRAN Information Page
  • Object REXX, an object-oriented scripting language.
  • Oberon Resources for Linux, lists some Oberon compilers and development environments.
  • Linux Programming, a site dedicated to programming resources.
  • Lemick Basic, a basic-like programming language/environment.


  • A guide to Building a Linux Based Internet Server For Your School.
  • Samba information. Samba is an open source software suite that provides seamless file and print services to SMB/CIFS clients.
  • Information about setting up services for Macintosh and Windows Users on a Linux box.
  • Five-Minute Linux PPP Instructions.
  • ISP and related information.
  • Vast amounts of information about ISP and Network Services.
  • How to run the netatalk, AppleTalk software. An excellent tutorial and Linux Netatalk resource.
  • The Linux IP Masquerade Resource or the backup site.
  • Information about Linux IP NAT (Network Address Translation).
  • X-ISP, a X11 interface to pppd and chat.
  • Information about Linux and Wireless LANs.
  • Linux IPFW Firewall Design Tool, a web-based firewall configuration tool.
  • The Linux Network Management Pages, have some interesting information about network management with Linux.
  • The ANGEL Network Monitor, a tool to monitor network services.
  • mon, an extensible service monitoring daemon which can be used to monitor network or non-network resources.
  • Woven Goods for Linux, has a lot of information about web server applications and lots of general Linux information.
  • Using Samba, a book available online. Authors: Robert Eckstein, David Collier-Brown, Peter Kelly.
  • COLD, a network sniffer and a protocol analyzer.
  • TrinityOS, a complete Linux server configuration, maintinance, and security guide for the Linux novice and Linux guru alike!
  • Linux Dialin Server Setup Guide.
  • The Linux Library has information on setting up various network services for Linux.
  • How to hook up PPP, a good and quick PPP setup page.
  • PoPToP, a PPTP server solution for Linux.
  • The Linux Wireless LAN, a how to document that contains resources about setting up Wireless LANs under Linux, list of drivers, web pointers and background information.
  • Donald Becker's site, which is thee reference when it come to network drivers for Linux. This is the place to get the latest releases of the drivers, configuration hints and background information about Ethernet (10, 100 and 1 Gb/s).
  • WvDial is a program that connects your Linux workstation to the Internet as easily as possible.
  • freeVSD is a fully optimised, Open Source web hosting platform for Linux. Allows ISPs to create multiple virtual servers on a physical machine, each with it's own administrator and suite of hosting applications such as Apache and Sendmail.
  • A guide on Linux Networking, plus other Linux support items.


  • Linux Security Home Page.
  • Infilsec Vulnerability Engine, lists various security concerns for many OSes including Linux.
  • Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM) information.
  • Trinux: A Linux Security Tool Kit, contains the latest versions of popular network/security tools and fits on two floppy disks.
  • Zed-Zed-dot-NET Crypto Archives, a Dutch site offering archives of open source software and informational textfiles, covering the areas of network security, network operations, host integrity, cryptography, privacy and anonimity.
  • Linux Firewall and Security Site, has information on configuring an Internet Firewall and Home LAN With Linux, and also has lots of security and related links.
  • Linux-only Security News Alerts, from
  • Network Security Library, deals with security information about many UNIX-clones, about Windows, NetWare, Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, WWW, Security Policy, etc.

X Windows and Window Managers:

  • LinPopUp, an Xwindow port of Winpopup that runs over Samba. It communicates with a Windows computer that runs Winpopup.
  •, has everything you ever wanted to find that relates to themes.
  • wxWindows/GTK, the version of wxWindows for the GTK.
  • The Unix Desktop Environment, a GUI window manager.

Software Archives, Search Engines, Linux Watchers:

  • Linux Search searches,, and
  • The Linux Web Watcher watches various Linux-related pages for updates, and has a good index of Linux material on the web.
  • The Linux FTP Watcher, watches popular Linux FTP sites for updates.
  • The Linux Software Database.
  • Free Software Sites on the Internet, an index list of free software packages with links to their location.
  • GroundZero, a new repository of hundreds of rapidly updated cutting edge GNU/Linux programs.
  • Project Independence, a free software repository and web site.
  • linsearch, LSM search page (Search MetaLab's collection of LSMs.) LSM is a database of entries describing software that is available for Linux.
  • MLSE, the Metalab Linux Search Engine.
  • LinuxArchives, a collection of Linux software.
  • Linuxberg, a new Linux software site from the TUCOWS folks.
  • Linux Applications Directory, a browsable and searchable software archive.
  • Linux Center, a collection of application, development and free software links.
  • Index of Alternative Operating Systems, contains links to Linux and many other operating systems and software.
  • TUDOLS, a listing of Linux software and links.
  •, information and code/scripts related to Java, Javascript, etc.

Online Services:

  • InterBoard, a threaded discussion system to provide a structured, searchable Q&A area for linux newbies and pros.
  •, an online Linux users group for people interested in learning more about Linux, providing help to other Linuxers, and promoting Linux.
  • Linux Support Services, a free volunteer-staffed technical support service.
  • The Linux Buyers Guide, lists where to buy Linux distributions and products, as well as who has good prices.
  • SearchLinux, a personal Linux help desk site for individuals.
  • Linux Links by Goob, has a lot of Linux software links.
  • The Linux Resource Exchange, has some interesting kernel patches, links to documentation, mailing lists and various other links.

Open Source:

  • The Open Source Page.
  • Open Hardware Certification Program.
  • Open Design Circuits, the chip design counterparts of Open Source Software.
  • Open Technology, an index of Open Projects.
  •, a new project to "facilitate the prolific creation of Open (freely available), high-quality, well-maintained Content".

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