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LinuxFocus is published approximately every second month.

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The September/October 2001 Issue

Here is the September/October 2001 issue of LinuxFocus.    

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Read LinuxFocus at the bus stop, in the underground, in the bathroom? All recent articles of LinuxFocus have a PDA conversion button. Check the palm pilot document reader page for a suitable document reader.

IBM Linux Scholar Challenge

[tux] IBM has setup a contest where students can solve real-world issues and learn how to improve Linux. They have very interesting challenges and prices:


The LinuxFocus 2ztxt converter is upgraded to the 1.40 makeztxt program. The converted files are no longer compatible with the old gutenpalm-1.20 reader. You can get a new gutenpalm reader at http://gutenpalm.sourceforge.net

The language sections

Translating articles to all the different Languages is a lot of work and takes time. The latest issue of LinuxFocus is usually not as much translated as older issues. Most LinuxFocus articles are however not time critical and still valid. Take a look at previous issues if you want to have a choice between different Languages.

Sign petition against Software Patents

European legislators intent to make Softwarepatents legal. This is a big threat for Linux and free software in general.
Sign now the Petition for a Software Patent Free Europe

Software Patent Free Europe

Short articles

LinuxFocus has a section called "short articles and tips". This is a section where everybody can contribute useful tips for Linux directly online.

How to write an article?

LinuxFous exists only because many people are contributing to it. You can also write an article. Read the guidelines and use this template.meta.html for your article.
Thank you for your contribution, effort, and creativity!

What is LinuxFocus?

LinuxFocus is a free international magazine for Linux. It's a non profit organization and the magazine is managed by volunteers from all over the world. LinuxFocus provides free documentation for a free operating system. LinuxFocus is international and our articles get translated into different languages.
Enjoy reading LinuxFocus articles!

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We have categorized our articles a bit and sorted them for you by subject:



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