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Enabling Profile on an Alpha

From hjstein@bfr.co.il Fri Dec 19 15:35:35 1997 
Date: 19 Nov 1997 11:55:52 +0200 
From: "Harvey J. Stein"  
To: Miguel A Sepulveda  
Cc: axp-list@redhat.com 
Subject: Re: Profiling under Linux Alpha ? 
Miguel A Sepulveda  writes: 
> Hi Everyone, 
> I am trying to profile and program of mine under my Alpha platform 
> Kenerl 2.0.30. 
> I compiled the sources with -g2 -pg, then run the executable. After the 
> executable finishes it is suppose to generate a gmon.out, instead the 
> program crash and dump a core. The program is fine because without 
> the -pg option it works just fine. 
I've had to do a few things with Redhat 4.2 to get profiling working. 
There are two patches that have been submitted to this list which fix 
problems in gcc.  The first (rth-gcc-2.7.2-970921.diff.gz) fixes a 
problem with large stack frames.  The second 
(gcc-alpha-profiling-patch- is said to fix some 
gcc profiling problems, but I haven't proved to myself that it was 
actually necessary. 
In any case, here they are, along with an RPM Spec file for building 
gcc.  You should get gcc-, unpack it, replace the 
spec file in /usr/src/redhat/SPECS with the one given here, add the 
patches to the SOURCES directory, and recompile gcc.  Then you can 
install gcc-  I'm appending a tarred, gzipped, 
uuencoded file (gcc-new-patches.tar.gz.uue) containing the 2 patches & 
the spec file. 
You also need to patch gprof.  The same procedure applies, but this 
time to binutils-  However, the binutils package 
includes files which conflict with the libc headers, so your best bet 
is to just replace gprof by hand after rebuilding.  I'm also appending 
Finally, you need to patch some libraries.  I believe this is actually 
the most important part.  The patch is in the mailing list archive:  
For convenience, I'm including the patch here (pg-fixes.tar.gz.uue), 
as well as an excerpt from the above message by David Mosberger-Tang 
(well, actually, most of the message) about how to apply it: 
   Some of you reported problems with profiling under RH4.1. Here is a 
   uuencoded file of three fixed object files. The md5sum output is: 
   0854f6609580506aeea2595d7729e27b gmon.po 
   e2e3cdbace223a162efe90048e0ed661 ieee_get_fp_control.po 
   8340b52dc581956131e038d3946ba81b ieee_set_fp_control.po 
   After extracting these files, replace them in your libc_p.a. E.g.: 
   ar rv /usr/lib/libc_p.a gmon.po ieee_{s,g}et_fp_control.po 
   and then profiling should work again. Note that the binutils-2.7 
   gprof has a bug that sometimes causes a SIGFPE. See my earlier mail 
   for a patch that fixes this. 
   Finally, there is still a problem with mixing profiling and dynamic 
   linking. E.g., with dynamic linking, adding -lm will cause a binary 
   that segfaults. Adding the -static flag should fix this problem for 
   now (until a real solution is found). 
Good luck, 
Harvey J. Stein 
Berger Financial Research 
Patch file

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