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Setting Up a ZIP Drive on an Alpha Platform

 From gorton@amt.tay1.dec.com Fri Dec 19 15:46:02 1997
 Date: Wed, 17 Dec 1997 08:11:51 -0500
 From: Richard Gorton 
 Reply-To: axp-list@redhat.com
 To: axp-list@redhat.com
 Cc: gorton@amt.tay1.dec.com
 Subject: Parallel port ZIP drives on RH 5.0
 Resent-Date: 17 Dec 1997 13:24:46 -0000
 Resent-From: axp-list@redhat.com
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 I got a zip drive working on Alpha the other day.  Since there was a bit
 of non-obvious stuff to do, here's how to do it (and why)

 The ZIP driver assumes that the parallel port is sitting at 0x378
 on Intel boards.  This isn't necessarily the case for Alpha machines.
 Under Alpha BIOS, here's how to figure out what the actual address is:
         Go into system setup
         Select Display System Configuration.
         Select Integrated Peripherals (for some Alpha boxes)

 This showed the parallel port i/o address at 0x3bc for the machine I
 was connecting it to (a prototype).  At this point, you can either
 modify the parallel port driver initial value, or you can override
 the default in the kernel at boot time:

 MILO> boot sda2:vmlinux.gz ppa=0x3bc 


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