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Mail From Our Readers

From jquesada@umich.edu Fri Dec 19 15:34:18 1997 
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 1997 03:02:59 -0500 
From: Jose Quesada  
To: sepulved+@pitt.edu 
Cc: Jose Quesada  
Subject: LinuxFocus 
I just want to say Thank You very much for a really good,great 
looking, very informative cybermagazine on Linux . Your 
first issue is really good ! It is very attractive, and the  
articles are well written and very informative. I especially 
liked the article on Linux and hospitals , and connecting to 
the internet .  
I look forward to your upcoming articles . 
Thank you very much again, 
Jose Quesada 

From joe@secretagent.com Fri Dec 19 15:39:40 1997 
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 11:50:13 -0600 
From: Joe Royall  
To: sepulved+@pitt.edu 
Subject: Announcement:  New Linux Web Site 
Linux Networking Resource Kit is a new Linux web site that provides 
daily news on networking with Linux and reference resources for 
networking professionals.  We believe this web site will be a valuable 
contribution to the Linux community.  If you would inform your site's 
visitors of our presence it would be greatly appreciated. 
Joe Royall 

From twm139@its.to Fri Dec 19 15:39:57 1997 
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 1997 14:21:29 -0600 (CST) 
From: Terrence Martin  
To: sepulved+@pitt.edu 
Subject: Your Article: Linux In Hospitals 
I have just read your article and it was very informative. As a Canadian I 
am very happy to hear of a major project being done in this country using 
Linux. Anytime this happens it makes the work of getting Linux the respect 
it deserves in this country that much easier. 
In fact I will undoubtedly use this article as a reference.  
However... as a Canadian I must take exception to one line in the 
article. :) 
this(Linux) system seems to be most supported in the USA rather than 
Canada (although this may appear strange, because Canada is, in a sense, 
like the USA).  
Now it may seem that Canada in several ways is very similar to the US, 
(same language(mostly), same look, similar economic systems) we are in 
fact very different if one takes the time to explore beyond the 
The character of the Candian people is very different from that of 
the American people. Our politics are completely different. Our view of 
social responsibility has substantial differences. Our view of our place 
in the world and our role is very different from the US. 
Having only 30 Million people in a country that has the second largest 
land mass in the world gives us unique character. Unlike the US we were 
not founded through revolution but through evolution. We didn't even write 
a constitution from scatch but had the Brtitish mail us one they had 
gathering dust and we then modified it.  
In many ways Canada is more like a single community rather than a nation.  
The world Canada is in fact based on an Aboriginal word meaning Village.  
Since we have little or no national identity is very hard for Canadians to 
define their own character in a national sense.  
If anything can be said about Canadians is that we tend to be very 
reflective and introspective. This is as close as you will ever probably 
get to a definition of what is to be a Canadian. :)  
Unlike an American you will probably never hear a Canadian say, "Well that 
is just Un-Canadian", "You are living the Canadian dream", or "That's the 
Candian way". Mostly because there is really no "Canadian way" except for 
whatever way that happens to work, you have to define "Canadian" before 
you can be Un-Canadian, and the only thing close to a "Canadian Dream" is 
to win the lottery, quit your job, and move to some sunny part of the 
This attitude has the effect that in many ways we are very "little c"  
conservative.  That is to say tend to bet only when it is a sure thing. I 
think that this attitude negatively effects the acceptance of a 
revolutionary idea like Linux. However we still know a good thing when we 
see it and it is only a matter of time.  
You will probably never find a people so proud of being something 
they cannot define.  
However every Canadian will tell you what they are not, nor ever will 
be, like an American. There is no doubt, or debate on this point in 
the Canadian mind. We may watch their TV, and listen to their music but we 
see and here it from a completely different perspective than they do. 
So if you keep up this comparison between Canadians and Americans we might 
get upset and send someone over there to apologize to you for improperly 
representing ourselves to you. Everyone knows no one can apologize like 
a Canadian. ;) 
Terrence Martin 

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