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July 1999 LinuxFocus issue

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It's is summer in the northern part of the world and Tux the Linux Penguin is having a lot of fun in the water together with our LinuxFocus dolphin.

We had 30 degree Celsius in my room when I was writing this Editorial and I would have loved to join Tux and the dolphin.

This is the first issue of LinuxFocus after a longer break. LinuxFocus has started as a small initiative with a few articles typed more or less freely in HTML. Over the past two years the number of articles has grown constantly and more and more effort was needed to manage the site.
We have now defined a new article format (see LinuxFocus Article Template) and hopefully this will make it easier for authors to write articles. For us it will be easier to administrate the articles and manage the web-site. We have also written a lot of other software to generate some pages automatically and check for dead links. For you, the reader of the journal, nothing much has changed now but you will hopefully see that in the long run the quality of the magazine improves due to these changes.

LinuxFocus has gone through good and bad times. It is a lot of work to maintain a multi lingual magazine and it is not everyones favorite job to translate all articles but it is encouraging that there are still enough idealistic people who believe in the idea of free software and free documentation for a global Linux community.

Enjoy this issue!

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