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Welcome to the LinuxFocus July/August 2001 issue

[abul logo] This month the LinuxFocus team will be in Bordeaux, France at the Libre Software Meeting (LSM) . The LSM is from 4th to 8th of July. Perhaps we see each other there. The LinuxFocus session is planed for Thursday morning starting at 9:00. Unfortunately it is this year parallel to the "Linux Tag" in Germany. Next year the two events will coordinate their time plans better and you will have a chance to visit both.

[diapers] Dennis Ritchie is maintaining a list of Unix products. I find it quite amusing to see e.g unix diapers.

[washing powder] Since a few month you can now as well buy washing powder called Linux. Linux for everybody not only computer users!

Let me know if you find other nice "non Linux products" with the name Linux. Perhaps we can start a collection.

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  • News Bytes
  • The Answer Gang
  • More 2-Cent Tips
  • HelpDex
    By Shane Collinge
  • Make Your Virtual Console Log In Automatically
    By Bryan Henderson
  • Creating a Kernel Driver for the PC Speaker
    By Cherry George Mathew
  • Combining Perl and PostgreSQL, Part 2: Procedures with PL/pgSQL
    By Mark Nielsen
  • Learning Perl, part 5
    By Ben Okopnik
  • DMCA in the news: Russian programmer arrested, nerds protest for his release
    By Mike Orr
  • Installing Tomcat on Linux
    By Allan Peda
  • Qubism
    By Jon "Sir Flakey" Harsem
  • Numerical Workbenches
    By Christoph Spiel
  • The Back Page

The LinuxFocus Tip

How to draw an exact straight line in The Gimp?
The Gimp is certainly one of the most powerful image and photo manipulation programs that you can get. It is mainly designed for pixel graphics. It is not a CAD or vector drawing program. You mostly "paint" with Gimp. Sometimes you need however an exactly straight line. Gimp can do that too. All its "painting tools" such as pencil, airbrush etc... support straight lines.
Click on the starting point of the line, press the shift key and then click on the end point. Now you have an exactly straight line.

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