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LinuxFocus: March 1998

[March 1998 Front Cover]

Exploring the X Window Environment

The focus of this issue is the X Window environment. There are several interesting articles describing the X environment, applications, window managers, etc. Given the importance of the subject expect to see many more articles in the future. Also in this issue we bring you the second installment of the OpenGL & GLUT series.

The Piegate

As you all now know, Bill Gates was greeted with a pie at his arrival to a meeting with EU authorities in Belgium few weeks ago. Thankfully the Linux community has nothing to do with the incident -- it was sponsored and executed by an idiot seeking publicity and money. Had this been done by a Linux fan it could have been a public relations catastrophe. Meanwhile one of our collaborators has gotten ahold of the police report apparently filed with the Belgium police (The Report).

Interesting Things We Heard...

Did you know...You can delete the Macro Error Dialog Box that frequently appears on your screen when using Excel by simply banging on the side of your monitor a few times.

Did you know...If your modem is broken or your E-mail destination is busy, you may communicate with friends by means of objects called "paper", "envelopes" and "telephones"

Has Our Mascot Gone Apple Picking?

Is this a sign of desperation or what? Do our Linux users see any familiarity between this recent Apple logo and the well-known Linux penguin? Here is an URL you can check out: http://www.apple.com/quicktime/

Tips of the day. Those AOL disks that you constantly get in the mail can be easily erased and used for your own purposes.

Tips of the day. You can avoid neck injury and eyestrain at work by just quitting your job and finding one that doesn't involve computers in any way.

Did you know... That Bill Gates and many of the top designers at Microsoft are just as confused and frustated by W95 as you are.

Did you know...If your hard drive crashes and you haven't backed up your files on floppy disks, there is a small cyanide capsule taped to the inside of the box this program came in.

Go Redhat!

Recently RedHat has formed the Advaced Development Labs to create a graphical desktop environment to make it simple for non-UNIX users to configure, navigate, run programs and manipulate files in a UNIX environment.


In previous issues...

Coming in the future to your friendly Screen:

  • Miguel A Sepulveda will continue the GLUT and OpenGL series. He will tell us more about GLUT windows management and more about polygon rendering.
  • Phil Ross will write about the programming peculiarities of 3Dfx cards.
  • Juan M Sepulveda and Phil Ross take on the job of comparing Photoshop and Gimp's functionality.
  • Various authors will describe the X environment and the utilities available

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