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LinuxFocus November 2000 issue

This nice warm October month has been subject to an unusually high concentration of Linux conferences -- all at the same time. It started with the www.LinuxWorldExpo.de in Frankfurt, Germany, from October 5th to October 7th. Linus was there but he did not give any key note speech. Next was www.linux2000.nl in Ede, the Netherlands (9/10th of October). Here the key note speech was given by Eric Raymond. The last one in the row was the Atlanta Linux Showcase & Conference, www.linuxshowcase.org October 10-14, 2000. Shortly before these three was the linuxtag.de, at the beginning of July.
Each of them attracted quite high number of visitors. LinuxFocus was at the linux2000.nl, probably the smallest of these 3 October events. I made some photos which you can find >here<. It was the first time that I saw Eric Raymond. His speeches are really good. If you have a chance to hear him somewhere ... I can recommend it. What I really love about these events is not so much the big business that you can find on every commercial fare, but rather the passion and enthusiasm of all the Linux fans coming to these events. The news papers concentrate these days a lot on the "drama and conflict" between Windows and Linux, but dramatic stories are just an old recipe for writing articles in the papers. Linux is not just another operating system. It is much more. It's a whole community of fans and users. I hope that we are able preserve this enthusiastic spirit and the community.

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The LinuxFocus Tip

Where was this web page? Hmmmm, I had a link to it in my Netscape bookmarks ..... but I have 250 book marks. ... It was something like "focus" and had to do with Linux....
Has this ever happened to you? Here comes a little perl script called showbook.
Save it as showbook and type chmod 755 showbook to make it executable.

showbook focus
Would e.g list all bookmarks that have either the string "focus" in the url or in the description of the bookmark. The search is not case sensitive.

Note to those still surfing the web under windows: When you download the perl script showbook (a text file) under windows then it might get an extra carriage return character added at the end of each line. You have to remove this extra character before you can use the script. The command dos2unix will e.g remove that extra carriage return.

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