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Welcome to the LinuxFocus September/October 2001 issue

[Online Free Speech] Democracy, government by the people? At least this is what the Greek word originally meant but where are we today? For the USA we should probably say that Democracy is where money rules. It looks like the "right" to make profit becomes increasingly more important than the freedom to exchange ideas and information. Dmitry Sklyarov is facing charges higher than armed robbers and child molesters. What did he do? He wrote a piece of software that had the potential to reduce the profit of Adobe and other companies. The device is still legal in most countries and was legal until one year ago in the US.
It would allow you to do with E-books what you can do today with paper books in any print-shop around the corner: copy pages from a book.

Big corporations are managing to get laws in place that have the potential to severely restrict everybody's freedom and allow a few individuals to make enormous profits.

Just a few centuries ago people, science and the whole society was suffering because a few monarchs and dictators had everything and could do anything. Are we heading back in that direction?

How is it possible that laws which restrict the freedom to exchange digital speech are being put in place?

Speakup, it's time to make everybody aware of the damages that this will do to the society and everybody's freedom. It is very likely that you will not be making any profit on stricter copyright, patent ... etc laws.

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The LinuxFocus Tip

How to copy a whole tree of files and directories?
Apart from using a filemanager (like e.g mc, ...) you can use the following commands. All of them copy the current directory ("."), including subdirectories, into a destination directory:

All of the commands above "try" to preserve permissons and owners where possible. Only root can make "perfect" copies of directory trees where files belong to several people.

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