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December 1998: Happy HoliDays

Consultants Page LF does not charge any fees for access to the articles in its totality. Therefore we do not have funds to pay authors and translators for their work. Nevertheless we feel we owe many people something for their great efforts putting this magazine in motion. Beginning September 1998 LF wants to create a "Consultants Page", every author and collaborator of the magazine will have a short paragraph of space to advertise their skills, email & web pages. We expect this new service will not only be a good way to compensate our collaborators but also a good asset of information for the linux community.

About Copyrights and Licenses All material in our website is copyrighted by their respective authors. LinuxFocus does not hold copyright over the articles submitted. The material provided by LF in magazine form is distributed with the implicit consent of the authors. Authors also give us permission to translate and distribute the articles as-is freely via web, ftp, an any other media, always within the context of the magazine. For additional information please read the LinuxFocus-Manifesto.

What is LinuxFocus? We are a group of Linux enthusiasts from all over the world, our goal is to make the best magazine online about Linux without ignoring the plurality of the Linux community. We write all our articles in multiple languages thus helping to bring in new and younger people to the marvelous world of Linux and UNIX. Contrary to what we have read on the web, our magazine cannot be really described as a collection of "tips & tricks". As our name indicates we aim to provide in-depth information, we have a series of articles on specific topics and as users move along the series they can make the transition from novice to advanced users.

How many languages does LinuxFocus speak? It is hard to tell because from month to month our staff continues to grow. There are 4 well-developed and strong teams already: English, French, German and Spanish. There are also smaller groups with fluctuating number of people working on other versions: Russian, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch. We would like to see these groups to become stronger and more stable. Our doors are always open to new people, if you want to be part of LF contact the appropriate editor in "About LF" and write to us. We are always happy to see new faces.


Everyone in the LinuxFocus proyect wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We hope you will not be surprised not to see any articles in the December 1998 issue. This month we have decided not to publish any articles due to the holidays and our lack of members to write a December issue. Although we have dozens of collaborators in the Spanish, French and other groups, unfortunately there are only two people in the English group and this makes it very difficult to translate in time articles. The good news is that we have numerous articles in our archive not yet published. As soon as we have time to translate and review them we will make them available.

There are mailing lists setup for those interested on participating in our various projects. The ones most urgently in need of help are the English and German groups. The German group needs new leadership and the English group seeks members to maintain webpages, translate and review articles.

These are the mailing lists available right now at linuxfocus.org

  • announce
  • bulgarian
  • castellano
  • chinese
  • deutsch
  • dutch
  • editors
  • english
  • francais
  • italiano
  • japanese
  • korean
  • portugues
  • russian
  • serbian
  • turkce

To subscribe to any of these mailing lists send the message subscribe list-name to majordomo@linuxfocus.org. Where list-name stands for any of the items in the list above.

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