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LinuxFocus.org Mirror sites

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List of main.linuxfocus.org mirror sites
  • Australia: http://au.linuxfocus.org/
    Status: OK
    Location: Australia
    Bandwidth: 155 Mbit/s
    Contact: Jason Andrade <jason(at)planetmirror.com>

  • Austria: http://at.linuxfocus.org/
    Status: OK
    Location: Austria, Vienna
    Bandwidth: 9344 kbit/s
    Contact: Othmar Pasteka <mirror(at)atnet.at,op(at)atnet.at>


  • Belgium: http://be.linuxfocus.org/
    Status: down
    Location: Belgium, Liege
    Bandwidth: 5 Mbit/s
    Contact: Cedric Gavage <niddle(at)unixtech.be>

  • China: http://linuxfocus.dlut.edu.cn/
    Status: OK
    Location: Dalian Univ. of Tech.,China
    Bandwidth: 0.155 Mbit/s
    Contact: Yu Guanghui <ygh(at)dlut.edu.cn>

  • Finland: http://www.fi.linuxfocus.org
    Status: down
    Location: Finland, Zoo-Gate Oy
    Bandwidth: 2 Mbit/s
    Contact: Veli-Pekka Yliniemi <webmaster(at)zoo-gate.fi>


  • France: http://www.fr.linuxfocus.org/
    Status: OK
    Location: France
    Bandwidth: 4 Mbit/s
    Contact: Fabien Penso <contact(at)linuxfr.org>

  • Italy: http://linux.atlink.it/linuxfocus/
    Status: OK
    Location: Italy, Asti
    Bandwidth: 0.512 Mbit/s
    Contact: Paolo Conti <webmaster(at)atlink.it, conti(at)atlink.it>

  • Germany: http://www.fokus.gmd.de/linux/linuxfocus
    Status: 24.5 days old
    Location: Germany, Berlin
    Bandwidth: 34Mbit/s
    Contact: Lutz Henckel <lutz.henckel(at)fokus.gmd.de>

  • Netherlands: http://www.nl.linuxfocus.org/
    Status: OK
    Location: Netherlands, Amsterdam
    Bandwidth: 10Mbit/s
    Contact: Jan-Philip Velders <webmaster(at)nllgg.nl>


  • Spain: http://obelix.umh.es/pub/mirrors/LinuxFocus/
    Status: OK
    Location: Spain, Elche, Univ. Miguel Hernández
    Bandwidth: 2Mbit/s
    Contact: Javier Gomez Sierras <webmaster(at)obelix.umh.es>

  • United Kingdom: http://linuxfocus.open.ac.uk/
    Status: OK
    Location: England
    Bandwidth: 8Mbit/s
    Contact: Kevin Quick <k.c.quick(at)open.ac.uk>


  • USA: http://www.linuxdoc.org/linuxfocus/
    Status: OK
    Location: USA, North Carolina
    Bandwidth: 100 Mbit/s
    Contact: John Reuning <jreuning(at)metalab.unc.edu, linuxfocus(at)ibiblio.org>

  • USA: http://mercury.chem.pitt.edu/~tiho/LinuxFocus
    Status: OK
    Location: USA, Pittsburgh
    Bandwidth: 10 Mbit/s
    Contact: Alexander Tikhonov <altst14+(at)pitt.edu, tiho(at)hippo.chem.pitt.edu>

You should use the program rsync to mirror LinuxFocus. Please read mirror site guideline before setting up a mirror. It contains important technical information.

Contact Guido Socher <guido.socher(at)linuxfocus.org> if you have any technical questions regarding the mirror sites.

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