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 Purchase SWAG and Donate to the LDP. 

LinuxPorts.Com has opened a store for LDP using TUX comic.

LinuxPorts.Com (poet's website) has opened a online store to help support the LDP. They have used the artwork from their online comic, TUX as supporting material. The artwork was used in the creation of mugs, shirts and mousepads. To purchase and donate to the LDP please click here.

The shirts, mugs and mousepads are designed directly from the scenes of the comic book. TUX (Terminator Unit X), Chuck (The BSD daemon), CmdTako (A spoof of SlashDot) and Wilder the FSF Bison. The merchandise ranges from 14.99 to 24.99 and the donation amount is within the product description.

Take a moment and read the comic or you could always buy something. So ask yourself... Who do you want to fsck today?

  If you have swag that you would like to link from the swag page and it is for donations to the LDP, please email .

Last Modified: 17 Oct 2001