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 Linux Documentation Project Volunteers and Contacts 

If you email us directly, please remember that we receive a LOT of email and it may take some time to get back to you. If you have a question about the LDP or would like to submit ideas or comments about the LDP, we strongly suggest that you subscribe to See the mailing list page for details.

We cannot stress this enough. We are happy to try and respond to email but if it is a general discussion issue about the LDP please bring it to the attention of the list. We are here to help; please do not abuse us.

For questions of a general Linux nature, may we suggest:

  • Various Authors

    The heart and soul of the LDP, numerous individuals have contributed content to the LDP.

    If you would like to contribute, see the LDP Author Guide and the information on "Distributing your documentation". It is also advised that you contact the LDP:

  • Guylhem Aznar, <>,    Chief coordinator, main contact.

    If you have a project, book or general idea that you would like to present, email Guylhem or the LDP at .

  • Cody Dempsey <>,   Artist.

    Creator of the LDP logo.

  • Joshua Drake <>,    Webmaster, Guide coordinator.

    Comments on the site design and content, as well as items related to authoring and maintaining the available LDP Guides, should be discussed with Josh.

  • Greg Ferguson, <>,    HOWTO coordinator, mirror list, tools.

    Issues related to the HOWTO's including publishing, authoring, etc. Maintains mirror site list. Works with the SGML processing tools on host machine. Issues dealing with the search engine, web site, etc.; may also be brought to his attention.

  • Stein Gjoen, <>,    Maintains the LDP To Do List.

    Helps to coordinate the "public relations" effort for the LDP (to the Linux/Open Source community).

  • Jorge Godoy, <>,    DocBook facilitator/coordinator for LDP content.

    Issues involving tools, process, etc.; may be brought to the attention of Jorge.

  • Mark Komarinski, <>,    Author of LDP Author Guide & Event Coordinator.

    As the LDP Event Coordinator (trade shows, etc), provides information on booth design, how to present topics (relating to the LDP) at conferences , etc.

  • David S. Lawyer, <>,    Author/maintainer of the LDP Manifesto; licensing issues.

    Issues or comments related to the manifesto or licensing may be directed to David, or to the LDP at .

  • Gregory Leblanc, <>,    CVS document repository.

    Creation/administration of the CVS document repository, along with

  • David C. Merrill, Ph.D., <>,    Collection Editor & Coordinator

    Oversees the cataloging, review, etc. of the LDP document collection.

  • Sergiusz Pawlowicz, <>,    CVS document repository.

    Creation/administration of the CVS document repository, along with

  • Translation Effort

    The following table is a list of individuals responsible for coordinating the translation effort for HOWTO's, LDP Guides, etc. Additional documentation translation efforts can be accessed from our "Non-English Information" page.

    Language Coordinator Site
    Brazilian / Portuguese Jorge Godoy,

    Marcia Gawlak,

    Ricardo Guimar„es,

    (local copy)

    (local copy)
    Dutch NL-Doc team,

    Ellen Bokhorst,

    Jan-Willem Smaal,

    (local copy)
    French Nicolas Chauvat,

    (local copy)
    Galician Manuel A. FernŠndez Montecelo,

    (local copy)
    German Marco Budde,

    Michael Lerperger,

    (local copy)
    Greek / Hellenic Kefalas Apostolos,

    (local copy)
    Hungarian Andras Sziranyi,

    (local copy)
    Indonesian Jimmy Yusandra,

    (local copy)

    (local copy)

    (local copy)

    (local copy)

    (local copy)
    Portuguese Alfredo Carvalho,
    Russian Alexsandr Mikhailov,

    (local copy)

    (local copy)

    (local copy)

    (local copy)

Joshua Drake,
Greg Ferguson,

Last Modified: 2001-11-19